Meet Kirsten



I am Kirsten Kennedy and I won’t stop fighting until every voice is heard.

As a first-generation American and single mother of five, I never imagined my path would lead me to Capitol Hill. But living in Minnesota, I saw firsthand the very real struggles that families faced as they tried to balance work, childcare, education and financial security. Just like me, their goals were humble; just like me, all they wanted was a healthy, happy family and the opportunity to better themselves. So why was this so difficult to achieve? That’s when I realized that wishing for progress wasn’t going to be enough. That in order to create change, I would have to speak up.

So I ran for Mayor of North Branch. During my two-term tenure, I have made hard work and community collaboration my focus. Through this approach, we’ve improved the city of North Branch by increasing jobs, promoting accountability, and investing in local businesses. Experience has taught me District 8 won’t thrive unless we listen to all of its residents and — together — craft effective solutions that work for all.

Now, I’m looking to take our unified voice to Washington as Minnesota’s 8th Congressional District representative. I’m running because I believe strongly in the ideals of our city and I will work each day to ensure that CD 8 is constantly improving, becoming an even better place in which to to work, learn and live. Universal healthcare, access to quality public education, strengthening the Environmental Protection Agency and Department of Natural Resources, investing in high-speed internet throughout our region, increasing renewable energy choices, and protecting the rights of workers to organize and collectively bargain lie at the very heart of my platform.

As your Congressperson, the strength of this community will be my number one priority. You, your friends, and your neighbors deserve someone who understands the needs of CD 8 and who will always have your back. If elected, I promise your voice will be heard.

Thank you for taking the time to read this, and as someone who will work on your behalf, I want to hear your ideas, suggestions, and concerns.

My phone number is 763.639.4111 and my email is

I hope to earn your support in this important election.

Yours in progress,

Kirsten Kennedy